Do Business In Style

Whenever you host a business meeting, whether it’s a one on one with a colleague, a team meeting to discuss a new project, or perhaps interviewing a potential new recruit, the location of your meeting sets the tone immediately. It’s a direct representation of your business and of you as a professional, so it’s important to get it right. That’s easily done when you’re doing business at your own premises where you can set your own standards, but when you’re working away it can mean a minefield of subpar rented office spaces or overpriced meeting venues. Here at Quebecs Luxury Apartments, we’re proud to play host to many business professionals while they are staying in Leeds, providing them with not only stylish, comfortable accommodation for…

Feel at home when you’re working away.

With so many businesses based in and around Leeds, it’s no surprise that Quebecs Luxury Apartments plays host to so many professionals spending time in the city for business rather than pleasure. That said, at Quebecs Luxury Apartments we like to go the extra mile so that even your business trips turn out to be relaxing and enjoyable in places – we make it our mission to make you feel at home when you’re working away, whether it’s an overnight stay or an extended tour. We pride ourselves on offering much more than just a bed for the night, if you’re sick of the sight of interchangeable hotel room interiors, then our stylish service apartments in Leeds could be exactly the change of pace you’re…

Working away? We’ll make you feel at home.

Here at Quebecs Luxury Apartments, we know that working away is one of those inevitable ‘necessary evils’ most professionals have to deal with from time to time, and judging by the amount of business people we help who are looking for temporary accommodation in Leeds, it’s becoming more common! We know that most people don’t really relish the thought of working away, so we like to go the extra mile to make our business guests feel at home even when they’re not. Perhaps your company’s head office is in Leeds city centre and you need to be there for a big meeting at 9am on Monday morning. You can forget about 5am alarms and stressful commutes from out of town when you book into one…

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