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Hydra-Red said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

TemmyBuinifupt said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

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Sale is stock said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

k two fingers up to criticsAnother pinchWest Ham set to raid Hull again with 锟?million Harry Maguire bid.
Sale is stock

ZapotekVialpalge said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

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CitizGaf said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

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Irina said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

MasilEmpow said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

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Pesnew said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021


BengerdinvonaBal said:

Thursday, 11th March 2021

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Richard said:

Thursday, 30th July 2015

“As many others have stated ,what a find !!

I have always been a big fan of the Malmaison in Leeds but it has lost some of its lustre over the last couple of years .

This Apartotel is a stunner , rooms are really clean ,very large ,very well kitted out. Great WIFI ,great kitchen area , fantastic lounge are , In mine a really good size bed room upstairs .

Given its location it really is no issue that there is no in house bar or restaurant . there are two very good restaurants on the ground floor of the same building and many great bars and restaurants within a ten minute stroll.

Also to stress again the reception staff were most attentive and helpful.

To summaries,great value,huge rooms, perfect central location ,I really liked it ..thanks a lot

Room Tip: duplex rooms are really nice”
(Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Chris said:

Tuesday, 28th July 2015

“Brilliant apartment. Exactly as described. Staff very friendly and helpful. Clean throughout. Perfect” (Originally posted on

Graham Kingston said:

Monday, 27th July 2015

I stayed at Residence 6 in a two bedroom apartment in July.
The stay was beyond exceptional. Vikki and her team looked after myself and my client with a service beyond 5 star. The location quality level of fitting out just so impressive and the beds are the most comfortable i’ve ever slept on.
The fully equipped kitchen enabled us to cook a three course meal without any issues for our guests.
Will be staying here again. Cant recommend highly enough

Laurence said:

Monday, 27th July 2015

“If in Leeds and want something different and special stay here! They are wonderful . I am a frequent visitor to Leeds these are the best. Please be prepared to respect the level of service and surroundings of the accommodation” (Originally posted on the Residence 6 Facebook page) Reviewer said:

Monday, 27th July 2015

“Staff were very efficient and apartment was very clean, well equipped and in excellent location.” (originally posted on

Roseanne said:

Thursday, 23rd July 2015

“This place was amazing! I never wanted to leave.” (Originally posted on

Vicki said:

Tuesday, 21st July 2015

Amazing apartments. Stayed for 1 night on 18th July excellent location and everything you need near by. The one thing that sets these apartments from all the rest in the service provided by their staff, first class did everything to make sure we had a great weekend. Thank you will definitely be booking again.

Jayne said:

Monday, 20th July 2015

“Everything was fantastic” (originally posted on

Nicola said:

Monday, 20th July 2015

“The apartments are fabulous! This is our second stay! Wouldn’t hesitate to book again!” (originally posted on

Ben R said:

Monday, 20th July 2015

“Wow what a find! A home from home stylish and immaculate with benefits of a spacious lounge area a fully equipped kitchen and bedroom and separate bathroom, tvs in the lounge and bedroom and location couldn’t be any better a minutes walk from the large trinity shopping centre and opposite leeds train station I shall certainly be rebooking” (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Gillian said:

Thursday, 16th July 2015

“Good value accommodation for adult family. Comfortable and good location.” (Originally posted on

Nathan G said:

Sunday, 12th July 2015

“Fantastic location and lots of room, very well presented rooms and staff always there to help.” (Originally posted on

Mr Swan said:

Sunday, 12th July 2015

Thank you!

Roseanne said:

Friday, 10th July 2015

“This place is amazing! They think of everything!” (originally posted on the Residence 6 Facebook page)

Rania said:

Friday, 10th July 2015

Lovely apartment and v helpful staff (Originally posted on Google+)

John said:

Wednesday, 8th July 2015

I write as a letter of thanks for the service my partner and I received whilst staying at the premises on the night 01 July. We woke in the morning and my partner, whom has a reoccurring shoulder injury, dislocated her shoulder. The staff were very helpful in arranging an ambulance and when it was delayed by five hours took us to hospital in their own vehicle. It is service like this that stands out and we were truly grateful.

Sarah_Bedford said:

Wednesday, 8th July 2015

“What a great find”
5 of 5 starsReviewed 1 week ago
I needed to book 2 rooms for an evening out for 4 in Leeds and after a good hunt about this place seemed to be the cheapest way to do it – a 2bed apartment for £184. I know that there is a problem with parking in the area as we have stayed at Quebec’s and The Met which are a few steps away so didn’t see that there wasn’t a parking area as a major problem.
Easy to find, friendly welcome, and a stunning place to stay. Large living room, fully equipped kitchen with cafetiere, glassware, cooker, dishwasher. A fridge complete with milk, bread, butter, some cans of coke, a WASHING MACHINE in the cupboard! 3 toilets, 2 ensuite rooms and a downstairs loo.
Just brilliant for what we needed, Comfortable beds, great showers, a great lounge to sit in and chat. Really very very good. I can’t see is staying in Leeds anywhere else now.

Stayed June 2015, travelled with family (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Leigh said:

Wednesday, 1st July 2015

“Location. Facilities. Staff. Price. Brilliant place which added to the weekend. Will definitely be staying there again.” (Originally posted on

Helen said:

Wednesday, 1st July 2015

“Excellent service from staff, very clean apartments. Comfy bed and turn down service a nice touch. Would defo stay there again. Fantastic location too” (Originally posted on

Trefor said:

Monday, 29th June 2015

“clean modern and very spacious” (Originally posted on

Jayne R said:

Monday, 29th June 2015

This was our first experience of staying here but certainly not our last! Everything was fantastic from walking in to reception to leaving it was perfect thank you to Vicky & her fantastic team. We were celebrating two of the girls 50th birthdays the staff decorated the room with banners & balloons I requested ice it was there nothing was forgotten excellent service all round can’t wait to return & this is a must for anyone visiting Leeds!!! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Emily said:

Thursday, 25th June 2015

An absolute gem of a place. Central, spotless and fantastic staff. I would not hesitate to go back again. (Originally posted on Expedia)

Helen said:

Thursday, 25th June 2015

“Position of apartments Standard of accommodation Friendly staff Well equipped” (Originally posted on

Raphiel8 said:

Thursday, 25th June 2015

Stayed for two nights but wish we could have stayed longer. The apartments are stylishly furnished with everything one could possibly need, there was even bread,butter,marmalade,jam and honey in the fridge plus the usual tea coffee etc. The staff are friendly and helpful special thanks to Annie on reception, we will be back for Christmas shopping in Leeds. Also check out La Rambla Spanish Restaurant if you like authentic tapas in a friendly atmosphere can’t recommend it enough.

Stayed June 2015, travelled as a couple (originally posted on

Citigirl74 said:

Tuesday, 16th June 2015

“Our third stay at Residence 6 and in our opinion its still the best place to stay in Leeds. It really is a home from home, the receptionists are so welcoming and helpful during the stay, always polite and friendly. The apartments themselves are modern, with everything you could want for a short or long stay.

This time it was just hubby and I so we stayed in a 1 bed apartment (20, on the third floor), which has the biggest living area of the 3 apartments we have stayed in to date. Light and airy, being on the corner and like all the apartments so quiet both from outside noise, but also other guests! My only (small) gripe is that with the bedrooms being so large, a double bed does seem a little lost! A king size, or two twins zipped together would be better, but either way one of the most comfortable beds I’ve stayed in away from home!

Have already booked two further stays for later in the year with friends.”

Room Tip: All apartments are spacious and quiet, depending on how many it’s a choice between 1 bed or 2!

Gary said:

Monday, 15th June 2015

“Facilities and staff excellent. Apartment great too. Will definitely stay again” (Originally posted on

Shue-me said:

Monday, 15th June 2015

“We stayed for 2 nights on 30th May in a 1 bedroom apartment. Coming from the train station, it was an easy 4 minute flat walk to the hotel which used to the Post Office. From the moment we arrived, the service was attentive and helpful. The receptionist even gave us a list of good eating places sub-divided into types of cuisine, opening hours, etc of these places and even giving her personal favourite. The apartment is modern, fully kitted out with an upstairs bedroom and beautiful bath. Being converted from a historic building, it also has character features like dark timber trusses, etc. It is also very convenient for buses, trains and barely 2 minutes to the Trinity shopping mall side entrance. Would definitely stay here again if ever back in Leedss.”

Anonymous said:

Friday, 12th June 2015

9.6/10 “Spacious rooms and stocked fridge.” (Originally posted on

Anonymous said:

Friday, 12th June 2015

10/10 “fantastic location Minutes from shops and restaurants beautiful apartment and friendly helpful staff,loved our stay!” (originally posted on

EmilyMonas said:

Tuesday, 2nd June 2015

We had to stay overnight in Leeds with our two young daughters so opted for Residence 6. I have nothing but positive things to say. Beautiful apartment with everything that you would need. It’s such a nice place and the receptionist was lovely and very helpful (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Pamela F said:

Tuesday, 2nd June 2015

I would rate this accommodation more highly than a top class hotel in Leeds, why?
a)the staff were welcoming and helpful
b) the suite of rooms included a large sitting room/ diner, excellent fitted kitchen, very comfortable bedroom and a beautiful bathroom.
c) all rooms were well furnished and beautifully decorated with televisions in the sitting room and bedroom
d) although in Leeds city centre the apartment was very quiet.
e) coffee, tea, milk, biscuits , bread, butter and jam were provided for a late snack or breakfast.
f) location was excellent; close to station, restaurants and shopping centres.
g) wifi
h) gym

Stayed May 2015, travelled with family (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Anonymous said:

Monday, 1st June 2015

“Staff made you feel welcome. The apartment was beautifully furnished and decorated and quiet.” (Originally posted in

Terlok said:

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

9.6 out of 10 (Originally posted on

LAKXX said:

Wednesday, 27th May 2015

“Fantastic stay, beautiful apartment, helpful staff”
5 of 5 stars
We stayed here for one night as a base for a ladies weekend away. I would absolutely recommend the apartments for anyone who needs a central location in Leeds and prefers a high standard accommodation. The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. The apartments were beautifully decorated, clean and well appointed. (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Anonymous said:

Wednesday, 20th May 2015

“The accomodation and staff were first class! This was our first visit to these apartments and we were very happy with everything. Just prior to our arrival the lift had been taken out of service,however,the staff carried our luggage to the room without any prompting from us! The apartment is very well priced and a much better propostion than a hotel.” (originally posted on

DanielleCC said:

Tuesday, 19th May 2015

This is by far the nicest place I have stayed in Leeds. 100% recommend staying in an apartment apposed to a hotel, the quality is so much better! Amazing view, Great 2 story apartment, huge beds and power showers! Staff were friendly and helpful. For a more detailed review of my stay and pictures check out my blog post. (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Reebi said:

Tuesday, 19th May 2015

Had been wanting to stay here for quite a while but always booked. Finally got lucky. From the minute you walk into Residence 6 you feel very welcome and relaxed. This used to be the main Post Office in Leeds and it has a fabulous view over the city. We stayed in a one bedroom apartment which was superb. These apartments have been recently refurbished and the carpets and fittings feel very luxurious and stylish (no smoked glass top tables here).
There is plenty of room and even though we only had breakfast here you could easily entertain for up to 4 people. The kitchen is very well equipped.
Had a fabulous nights sleep and so quiet even though we were in the middle of Leeds. Gym well equipped.
Looking to return shortly. We have stayed in many hotels in Leeds and this is the best by far!
A particular thank you to Annie who was so kind on my very flustered arrival! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Karen R said:

Tuesday, 5th May 2015

Stopped here for the first time last night .
As we opened the door we were gutted we had only booked a night and not a year.
Fantastic modern cool appartment the best weve ever stayed in. We had room 20 on the 3rd floor and the helpfull staff have booked us in the same room for a 2 night stay in june. Ignore negative comments about £250 deposits you are given enough warning before you get there and to be fair the beautifull rooms justify it well done cant wait for our next stay. (Originally posted in TripAdvisor)

Suejmichael said:

Monday, 27th April 2015

Stayed with my husband and our friends here recently and were really impressed with the quality of the rooms and the helpful staff. The location couldn’t be better, right opposite the railways station and across from the lovely Trinity Centre, all the local bars and restaurants. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful – looking forward to returning in the near future. Stayed April 2015, travelled with friends (Originally posted in TripAdvisor)

Anonymous said:

Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

“Lovely room, very central therefore brilliant location, definitely stay again.” (Originally posted on

Neil said:

Thursday, 19th March 2015

+ “Great visit to Leeds from this secure and comfortable base. Very luxurious and fully equipped. We almost didn’t hear the city life outside with the amazing sound proofing.”
– My wife now wants to get the same deep carpets which will not be cheap. And she loved the walk in shower which will be very expensive for me!! (Originally posted on

Christopher said:

Monday, 16th March 2015

+ “This had a fantastic well equipped kitchen dining lounge very detail had been thought of. I wish my business trip was longer as after work it was so relaxing.”
– There was no bed side table on one side of the bed!!! If this is all that was wrong it was minor. And if staying longer could have been solved! (Originally posted on

GBerserker said:

Friday, 13th March 2015

Only stayed for one night, but was very impressed.

The location is excellent, right in the centre of the City and near the railway station and the facilities were very good.

The apartment comprised a large bedroom, lounge area and dining/kitchen area as well as large bathroom. All were very well appointed and had some nice touches including iPod docking station and welcome pack including mile, bread etc.

The staff were welcoming and helpful.

The only negative and it is a small point is that the reception area was quite small.

Would definately recommend and stay again (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Darren C said:

Thursday, 5th March 2015

Stayed for one night fir a break with my wife. Really lovely apartment, spacious well equipped and well worth paying a little more than a hotel room. Great location near station and Trinity shopping centre. Staff very friendly. Will definitely be going back. (Originally posted on

Nikki said:

Monday, 2nd March 2015

Fabulous apartment! Leeds has so much to offer, everyone we have met has been lovely and Vikki has been great!

Marcellus Lindsay said:

Saturday, 28th February 2015

By far the best hotel/apartment experience I’ve had in memory. This is TRUE five star service. Facilities, location and staff were outstanding.

Tom said:

Monday, 23rd February 2015

“This is the second time I’ve stayed at Residence 6 but it definitely won’t be the last. The rooms are very spacious, modern & luxurious. I’d expect to be pay a lot more to stay in a room of this standard. The staff are friendly & helpful, I felt at home as soon I arrived. In summary, I wouldn’t consider staying anywhere else whenever I go to Leeds.” (Originally posted on

Rachael G said:

Monday, 23rd February 2015

Have just got back from a 4 night stay at Residence 6 and was thoroughly impressed. Couldn’t ask for a better location (right on City Square) and the amenities were excellent. We had room no 13 which consists of an open plan fully equipped kitchenette, dining area and living room and cloakroom downstairs. Upstairs 2 double bedrooms, each with ensuite (note 2 large shower stalls and no bathtubs, not a problem for us at all). All rooms a good size with plenty of light. The back bedroom has the only terrace of the apartments (not that we needed it in February, but maybe nice to sit on the lounger in July!). Everything that you may need is there – washing machine, ironing board and iron, hairdryer, bathrobes, Elemis toiletries. Downstairs, the usual necessities plus a few nice extras such as dishwasher, salad bowls, various wine glasses etc. Cleaning staff do a through job every day. For daily necessities, there is a Morrisons Local just a minute walk up the road. We took the advice of the hotel and parked at the Q parking, which is yes, 2 mins by foot. The vouchers given by reception bring the cost down to £12 per day. On check in, we were stocked with basic necessities such as tea, coffee, milk, bread, butter, jam, enough for a basic breakfast, but as we were staying longer with children, we did a good shop at Morrisons which made life very easy for us. We didn’t cook as there are so many great eateries so close by, but the equipment is there. The decor is chic and stylish and bathroom fixtures of excellent quality. A few small touches such as a throw / blanket on the sofa made it feel especially cosy. I booked directly with the hotel by phone and was offered a better rate than the usual websites were quoting. Reception staff were also excellent. Friendly and efficient and very welcoming. The only fault I could find was the lack of a shaving mirror! Loved our stay at Residence Six, found it excellent value for money in comparison to 2 connecting rooms in a similar location and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. I honestly wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else in Leeds. Well done, Residence Six, spot on. (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Max Reid said:

Tuesday, 17th February 2015

This is just simply First Class. Try no other.

J Bell said:

Monday, 16th February 2015

5 star Fantastic stay . Lovely Luxury Appartment, conveniently situated right in the heart of Leeds City Centre. All the Staff very Polite and Helpful. Would definitely stay again. Recommend to everyone. (Originally posted on the Residence 6 Facebook page)

Ross said:

Monday, 9th February 2015

“The whole Experience, great location. Stayed at all the top hotel’s suits in leeds and would say this is know our favourite. I’m sure we’ll be back!” (originally posted on

Illian C said:

Monday, 2nd February 2015

Absolutely fabulous! Gorgeous appartment and very central! Great staff! Would definitely recommend! Everything was spotless and kitchen was fully equipped! Coffee tea milk water coke biscuits bread butter jam marmalade and chocolate were all complinentary! (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Peter said:

Monday, 26th January 2015

(loved the) Space, perfect for my needs… (originally posted on

Caroline said:

Tuesday, 20th January 2015

We booked two apartments, wereade very welcome on the Friday evening. Apartments very comfortable. Lovely bed and ensuite bathroom. You can walk into the trinity centre for shopping in two minutes, easy to drop bags off. Excellent restaurants and bars nearby. A very nice stay. Would recommend and revisit (Originally posted on Expedia)

Jazz said:

Tuesday, 20th January 2015

Booked this apartment for a little break in the middle of the city even though it does not have on site parking it is the best apartment i have ever booked in Leeds. The staff was so helpfull and friendly I will be booking this place again and would recommend to anyone to stay here. (Originally posted on Expedia)

Rachel said:

Tuesday, 20th January 2015

“Just got back after a wonderful stay! after walking into a lovely reception area and grand staircase, the reception was very pleasant and welcoming. Check in was a breeze and went up to our apartment to be blow away by it. It was spacious, and a lovely surprise being over 2 floors to give more space. rooms were immaculate and the treats in the kitchen were a lovely touch. couldn’t fault the place!!”
– Only bug bear is the parking and actually getting to the apartment but its leeds in general and wouldn’t put me off staying again. (Originally posted on

Kulashaker1 said:

Tuesday, 20th January 2015

4 of us stayed here just before Christmas 2014, and what a fantastic place! A great alternative to the Park Plaza over the square, and cheaper. Great, luxurious contemporary feel and quality fixtures and fittings. Great iPod dock was a nice touch! Cracking view over the city square. Cook your own breakfast, or nip to Wetherspoons across the road at the station like we did!
Parking is at a nearby multi-touch car park – make sure to have someone with you to read the map supplied! Our apartment wasn’t suitable for infirm/ less able due to steps to bedrooms (quite a few). Lovely bathrooms, beds and walk in showers ( en-suite). Also it’s right near the shops and station. Our only problem getting near the entrance with the car, the one-way system is a pain,but there’s a space just past the door, so no worries next time. And there WILL be a next time! I should also mention we met three different receptionists, all of whom were a credit to the company.

Room Tip: I,m told they’re all good rooms, but get one with a view over the square (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Max (age 3) said:

Friday, 9th January 2015

This room is gorgeous!

Zoe A said:

Wednesday, 24th December 2014

Everything! It was a beautiful apartment. Spotless and extremely comfortable. Would definitely recommend, Fabulous!! (Originally posted on

Sarah Philipson said:

Tuesday, 23rd December 2014

Room 12. Dec 22nd. What an absolutely stunning apartment. Could not fault a thing. Thank you

Zoe said:

Monday, 22nd December 2014

Just a note to thank you for sorting out the apartment for the weekend. All the staff were lovely and very helpful.

Anne P said:

Friday, 19th December 2014

From the moment of entering Residence 6 I was made to feel at home, but more than that – absolutely pampered! Every member of staff was helpful, cheerful, friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. I was travelling by myself and meeting relatives in Leeds, whom I wanted to entertain “at home” so we could talk in comfort and quiet. The apartment was perfect, with lovely kitchen and elegant sitting room where we could relax, not to mention wonderful housekeeping who came to the rescue with napkins! Thank you to all at Residence 6 for a memorable ten days. (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Vicky W said:

Friday, 19th December 2014

Fantastic location & great amenities. Stayed a few times now….and will be back again (Originally posted on

Cheryl said:

Friday, 19th December 2014

“Excellent place to stay” (Originally posted on

Michael said:

Thursday, 11th December 2014

View over the main square, Christmas tree and lights. Nothing to dislike with the apartment, first class (originally posted on

Scott W said:

Tuesday, 9th December 2014

Quality feel, professional and personal service , couldn’t ask for more! (Originally posted on the Residence 6 Facebook page –

Debbie said:

Tuesday, 9th December 2014

5* What a fabulous location for a Xmas shopping weekend, the apartment we booked was beautiful, so comfy and tastefully furnished with everything you needed for an overnight stay ….The staff were so very helpful and nothing was too much trouble, I would definitely recommend staying here … (Originally posted on the Residence 6 Facebook page –

Jane said:

Monday, 8th December 2014

It was great having the extra space of a living room/kitchen for the four of us at the same price as two hotel rooms elsewhere. Staff are lovely, decor is great and the location just perfect. Would highly recommend. (Originally posted on

Samantha said:

Monday, 8th December 2014

Had the most wonderful night in residence 6, they could not of been more helpful. The room was amazing and we also got upgraded too. Would recommend this hotel to anyone. (Originally posted on

Leanne said:

Tuesday, 25th November 2014

“It was very close to all shops and very clean and modern the staff and cleaners were very helpful and very friendly I will be booking in again for next year” (originally posted on

Judy J said:

Thursday, 6th November 2014

I treated us to 1 night here on 1st November for my husband’s birthday, it was so worth it. From arriving the staff were amazing and nothing was too much trouble. Fabulous apartments with everything you could need for a short stay. Only minor downside, the heating was way too high, we managed to sort this out in the bedroom but not the rest of the apartment, but then again who knew it was going to be so warm in England on 1st November, so not their fault. Better than any hotel we have stayed in, in Leeds (originally posted on

Choudary said:

Wednesday, 5th November 2014



Tuesday, 4th November 2014

Thank you for a lovely weekend, with great staff , so helpful, and a fabulous apartment, what more could anyone want

Kitty & Bea said:

Monday, 3rd November 2014

Such lovely, friendly, Northern people! Thank you for a great weekend.

Mary Buchar said:

Monday, 3rd November 2014

Had a wonderful weekend. Room was heavenly. Staff were Lovely. Thank you so much for everything. We will be back next year! 🙂

Nicola said:

Thursday, 9th October 2014

Brilliant apartment with amazing views over the city. The apartment has everything you could wish for!! (Originally posted on

Susan said:

Friday, 3rd October 2014

We were a little stressed from our journey having had to endure an hour traffic standstill in the centre of leeds. But once at residence 6 we were delighted with the staff (couldn’t do enough) made us very welcome. We loved our apartment and will defintely be returning. Thank you so much. (Originally posted on

Louise said:

Friday, 3rd October 2014

Absolutely loved the appartments We booked a 2 Bedroom and a 1 bedroom both were very spacious and comfy, very clean and staff were really friendly and happy to help Would defiantly recommend paying the little bit extra to stay in one of these rather than one of the city centre hotels will be back to stay again!!! (originally posted on

Elaine said:

Monday, 1st September 2014

“Bed was super comfortable Home from home whilst away Great space and the courtesy provision of bread/ butter was much appreciated!” (Originally posted on

Mohammed said:

Monday, 1st September 2014

Where the service gave me a bed for my daughter and 8 years old free . Apartments spaciousness and cleanliness (originally posted on

Meggells89 said:

Sunday, 17th August 2014

I stayed here with my partner for our anniversary,the staff met us at the door and took our bags to our room while we parked and checked in. They also put roses on the bed for us as an extra. Nothing was to much trouble, all staff went above and beyond. The rooms are beautiful and very well laid out and the beds are so comfy I think it’s the best I’ve slept in a very long time. I would happily recommend this hotel and will definitely be back whenever I am in leeds. (originally posted on said:

Friday, 15th August 2014

Stylish, super-convenient and so, so clever – Residence 6 is a high-quality boutique apartment conversion in Leeds’ old post office building, bang in the city centre, right opposite the station. It’s a mixture of 23 one- and two-bedroom, recently refurbished apartments spread over several floors of a grand, stately building. There’s plenty of space, even in the smaller apartments – but the two-bedroomed versions are positively palatial duplexes, straight out of ‘Grand Designs’. This means free-standing tubs in earth-toned, light-filled bedrooms, wet-room style bathrooms, high-end toiletries, original cast-iron beams and stanchions, great kitchens, original artworks and City Square views. There’s a 24-hour concierge service, secure parking close by, and all the bells and whistles you’d expect – from private gym to personal shopping services. We love being able to luxuriate in a deep-filled bath before heading out for the night, with all the bar and restaurant hot-spots just a step away (and indeed, two on the ground floor of the same building) – no big long walks, no taxis, no hassle. It’s amazingly well-priced too, standing up well against the nearby hotel options, and with a whole lot more room for your money. (Posted on

Richard said:

Wednesday, 13th August 2014

The apartment was amazing!! For the same price of a nice hotel in Leeds with smaller rooms and negligible decor this place is well recommended. My wife and I booked this apartment for our wedding anniversary after dropping on it through internet searches. What a find, the best and only place we’ll stay in Leeds.. Perfect!! (Originally posted on

Matthew said:

Wednesday, 13th August 2014

The apartment was absolutely fantastic, even better than it looked in the pictures. It is ideally situated right in the centre of the City and within walking distance of many different bars and restaurants. The bed was unbelievably comfortable and we didn’t ever want to get out of it. We will definitely be visiting again soon. (Originally posted on

MissBlue2020 said:

Friday, 8th August 2014

Stunning apart-hotel located in the city center. Beautifully decorated and furnished to a high standard. The fridge was stocked with goodies and the chocolate magnums in the freezer was definitely a bonus…
Why book just a room when you can enjoy the space that this place provides. Highly recommend this for business or for pleasure.. (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Frank C said:

Friday, 8th August 2014

Stayed with my Wife and I cannot say enough positive about the place, it really is amazing
Graham the sales and Marketing Manager is fantastic and very knowledgeable and extremely professional and helpful. Apartment was faultless and the service from check in to check out seamless.forget looking at any place ells this is the only place to stay it has it all and you can walk out into the heart of the city.whats not to like. (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Andrew said:

Friday, 8th August 2014

everthing we needed was available. comfortable and warm. (Originally posted on

Michele said:

Friday, 8th August 2014

What did you like? Everything !! I felt very spoilt ! Just right when your travelling with family as I was with my grandson and daughter xx and very clean staff were wonderfull and very helpfull . Luv the lighting the whole style” The only thing was the bed very comfortable but not when there was me my daughter and grandson it was only a double !! Needed a kingsize or queen size !! There was no where else for my grandson to sleep !! So next time I come I shall ask them when I pre book again to have a room with bigger bed !! As will love to come back and stay there when I’m in Leeds again . I will be back (Originally posted on

Richard said:

Friday, 8th August 2014

The apartment was amazing!! For the same price of a nice hotel in Leeds with smaller rooms and negligible decor this place is well recommended. My wife and I booked this apartment for our wedding anniversary after dropping on it through internet searches. What a find, the best and only place we’ll stay in Leeds.. Perfect!! (Originally posted on

John said:

Monday, 21st July 2014

Location to shops and good restaurants Friendly and efficient staff Lovely housekeeping staff Cleaniness Wifi speed Washing facilities (originally posted on

Gary said:

Thursday, 17th July 2014

The room sizes were superb with very high quality furnishings. The location and view were excellent as well. Staff very helpful and friendly. This is a 5 staff experience.(Originally posted on

Angela said:

Sunday, 13th July 2014

My colleague and I stay in a 2 bed appt so we can use the lounge / dining area to work and both bedrooms have en suite bathrooms. There is nothing we don’t like – it’s our favourite place to stay. (originally posted on

Manesh1976 said:

Monday, 30th June 2014

Excellent location. Excellent service at any time. Beautiful modern apartments. Stayed with my wife and 2 young children for 4 nights. They provide a play station, DVDs and wifi access at no extra cost. They even let your takeaway delivery person to your door! (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Irina said:

Thursday, 26th June 2014

It’s just fantastic, highly recommended if you want a temporary home in the heart of Leeds. (Originally posted on

Jo said:

Thursday, 26th June 2014

The calibre of staff is apparent on arrival..nothing is too much trouble!. The apartment was fantastic and had everything you could need as well as being in a very central location. Will definately return and definately reccommend to friends! Great value for money for a small party of people. (Originally posted on

Ann said:

Thursday, 5th June 2014

Staff were friendly and extremely attentive night and day. Beautifully decorated rooms, really soft comfy beds, very good hot showers, all the extra bits made it feel very luxurious. (originally posted on

Rainbow3614London said:

Thursday, 29th May 2014

These apartments are the best place to stay in the city. Large, clean, modern and a much better value than hotels for the same price. Great location. Quiet at night to sleep. A gym inside and the reception staff are excellent. I am a regular and would not stay anywhere else!

Joanne L said:

Sunday, 27th April 2014

Excellent staff – rand ahead and as we arrived early we were allowed to leave cases there. When we came back after 2pm cases had been taken to our room. Gorgeous apartment and for what we paid (split 4 ways) it was fantastic value for money. We had no problem 4 of us getting in the lift but only had a weekend pull along. It wouldn’t have been any hassle to wait a few minutes for the life to come back though. Staff really did go above and beyond what we expected. Lovely lady on reception during the day who helped us with a few niggles we had. Minor issues but were dealt with quickly, efficiently and very professionals. Five minutes’ walk from the train station and into the City Centre. I can’t wait to go back! Loved it! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Ianpistoff said:

Thursday, 10th April 2014

Excellent location opposite the Queens Hotel and the station in City Square. Excellent standard of accommodation with friendly, efficient and helpful staff. Prices fair for the space available. Have already booked again for the next trip in May! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Kim said:

Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

Modern, comfy, well equipped & clean apartment! Amazing soft comfy bedroom carpet. Nice Neals Yard toiletries. Quiet even tho in city center. We appreciate provision of bread, drinks, cookies etc. Better than most 5* hotels!(Originally posted on

Andrew G said:

Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

The staff were very friendly and very easy to approach and talk to, they helped me prep my room so I could surprise my girlfriend which i cannot say thank you enough. The room was amazing and to the highest standard, I will not be using any hotel but yours from now on. Thank you very much for a most delightful stay. (Originally posted on

Cbradford said:

Wednesday, 5th March 2014

Me and my fiancé stay on valentines day. It was perfect the hotel its self was spotless and the management and staff couldn’t do enough for us. The kitchen was well equipped and even needed foil it was brought to our room free of charge which surprised me a but. They have fridge filled with the basic needs milk, jam bread butter etc. News paper of our choice was placed outside our room for the morning, free of charge. Perfect cooked meal for two and great value for money, booked to go back in two months! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Emma S said:

Wednesday, 5th March 2014

I would highly recommend a stay here. Really great to have the quality and luxury of a nice suite but with a kitchen are and other little extras. The apartments were in very good condition but interestingly we were advised that they were soon due a revamp… Impressive. Great location (above the restaurant bar and grill). Good sound proofing too. When we go back to Leeds this will definitely my choice out of all the hotels we have stayed in so far. (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Steph G said:

Tuesday, 11th February 2014

Location= excellent, near the train station, shops, bars Apartments= fully equipped, bath robes, toiletries, stocked fridge, bread, comfy bed. Everything needed for a relaxing stay in the heart of Leeds. Defiantly would pick this over a hotel stay any day of the week! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Sue F said:

Friday, 3rd January 2014

This is our second visit to this hotel in Leeds. We were pleasantly surprised that it lived up to our expectations and was just as good as last time. First of all the service is excellent with staff who really care about what they do. They put themselves out to provide the very best service and ensure you enjoy your stay. We only stayed one night but wished it could have been longer. We had a two year old with us and stayed in a two bedroom appartment. She loved her bubbly bath in the stand alone tub in our bedroom. The hotel provide essentials in the fridge which were great for us, milk bread drinks and chocolate. Thanks. It was really appreciated. The only downside was the absence of a microwave in the kitchen. With a little one it would have been useful, although the kitchen is otherwise well stocked. The hotel is to be refurbished in the New Year though the furnishings are still of excellent quality. Can’t wait to come back. This really is the best place to stay in Leeds. Stayed December 2013, travelled with family (Originally posted on Trip Advisor)

LauraRH said:

Monday, 14th October 2013

A surprise by my other half. Excellent attention to detail and customer service. A one bedroomed apartment with a luxury bathroom and living area. Less than 5 minutes from the train station and less than 5 minutes from trinity and all the bars and restaurants.

Debbie S said:

Monday, 14th October 2013

We could not have asked for any thing more, It was home from home you could live there. A full fridge for the morning, A fab few right across the square from the station and set in the heart of Leeds. W had 2 apartments that we just amazing. We have a annual trip to Leeds and we will be checking back in with the lovely Terry and her wonderful colleagues next year. We are just sorry our lovely friend Debbie had to leave us on arrival – Next year honey… (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

SophieAP 222 said:

Monday, 14th October 2013

I could not have asked for more from my stay at 6 in Leeds. The rooms were fabulous, I could have actually lived there! We had fab views across the square to Leeds train station, comfy sofas, and a fridge stocked with an assortment of goodies (a loaf of bread, pint of milk, chocolate bar, cans of pop & Harvey Nichols Champagne no less!). Docking station, PS3, a dvd library, all we needed was more time to enjoy it all. The location was perfect, only a couple of minutes walk from the car park on arrival, on the doorstep of trinity – ideal for an afternoon of shopping and close to the restaurant for our evening meal. It was spotlessly clean, great big comfy beds & with molten brown goodies in the bathroom. Fabulous & would love to stay again.

Andy B said:

Monday, 14th October 2013

A city centre stop over with extended family and children can conjure many downsides instead of the obvious upsides …. cramped into under sized rooms, sharing limited facilities, accepting a living experience below your own home expectations! Not at Residence 6 Leeds! Ideally located right in the city centre, easy walking distance from any entertainment you might seek, the roomy, well equiped apartments provided us wonderful accommodation and gave the children a real WOW experience. The staff were so welcoming and helpful. A weekend stay is well recommended. Downsides: the children now want more space at home, lack of close parking … but if you arrve by train you will be laughing!!! Stayed September 2013, traveled with family (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

SarahLouJ said:

Tuesday, 31st July 2012

Have just returned from a girly weekend in Leeds, we stayed at Residence 6. The apartments are situated right next to Leeds railway station, if you decide to drive to Leeds I would suggest parking at the Railway station long stay car park which is secure and very reasonably priced. I was pleasantly pleased to find the accomodation is central and close to some very nice bars and restaurants. We were on the 3rd floor and had two, two bedroom apartments. The accomodation is contemporary and light, the kitchen is perfect for pre-dinner/night out drinks with a large fridge and the lounge has comfy sofa’s and chairs. The en-suite bedrooms on the top floor and whilst they are up two flights of stairs ensure any corridor noise is diminished. The staff on check-out were very good and understood completely when we thought check-out was 12noon when in fact it is 11am – apologies housekeeping! Residence 6, is perfect for weekends away and business travellers alike, I will definatly be booking in again. (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Claire R said:

Tuesday, 31st July 2012

With an amazing central location this boutique group of self-contained apartments is a fantastic base in Leeds. We stayed in a split level 2 bedroom apartment which offered great space and privacy. With plenty of character from its historical origins, the contemporary interior offers comfortable living for an extended stay. If mobility is an issue, be warned, there are plenty of stairs.

Nicky Pattinson said:

Wednesday, 20th June 2012

WITHOUT A DOUBT there is nowhere else i will be staying in LEEDS but RESIDENCE 6!!! – Much better than just a twin bed room if you are staying with a friend …a bedroom each and a lounge TOO??? GENIUS.. The people there make it as if you are ‘’just coming home to family’’ and the apartments are gorgeous..but not so perfect you don’t feel you can put your feet up anywhere when you get home…BRILLIANT!!!

Sarah H said:

Monday, 11th June 2012

Stayed here for my birthday and absolutely loved it. You could easily stay here for a longer trip as everything is provided. The staff were really polite and helpful and it’s in a great location. Definitely recommend!! (originally posted on TripAdvisor 29 May 2012)

Lucy Smith said:

Monday, 23rd April 2012

Dear Team, I stayed at Residence 6 in Leeds this weekend, 21-22 April 2012, and I have nothing but good things to say about my stay. The staff were incredibly helpful, nothing was too much trouble, and the appartments were spotlessly clean and had eveything we could possibly need for a really perfect stay. Loved the shower and the Molton Brown goodies too. Considering Residence 6 is so close to the centre of Leeds, the apartments are incredibily peaceful inside. Thanks so much to you all. Will definitely be staying again.

Zoe1m said:

Wednesday, 5th October 2011

Reviewed 29 September 2011 NEW We have stayed at Residence 6 a few times in different rooms and I just LOVE everything about it! Whenever my husband and I think we would like a little break we just wish we could go to somewhere like R6 every time! – We have been spoilt! It is the perfect location and so close to everything, I love coming back to Leeds in the autumn/ winter months (which remind me of University days), Christmas shopping, walks in the park and being based at R6 is perfect for all of this, a bottle of wine and snack from M&S or somewhere in town while getting ready for a night out, I love the warmth of the apartments with the bustling city outside. The quality of this place is visible throughout , especially the beds and linen and I really like the lighting which creates great cosy atmospheres and the bathrooms are amazing from the showers to the products, just perfect. So…. when can i go back?? (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Humphreys000 said:

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

“A tranquil oasis in a bustling city centre.” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 1 August 2011 NEW I spent the weekend here with my girlfriend and we were both delighted with this place. The style is modern and minimal with lots of earth colours and wood, everything about it is nice! The rooms are clean, well appointed, air conditioned, quiet (Apart from the dustbin lorry although this is probably not the fault of Residence 6). The bed was very comfortable even though it is a double not a king. Everything in the appartment worked well, cooker washing machine, fridge, dishwasher. What is not to like! The only slight irk we had was the lack of bath in our appartment although we understand some of the other rooms have them. I would also have liked a shaving mirror. Access to local facilities is excellent, it is a minute to the city centre so five minutes walk takes you to more restaurants and shops than can be mentioned in a revue. You will also be less than a minutes walk from Leeds train station. We visited Leeds Art Gallery and spent a day walking round the city, we were suprised by what a nice place this is to go for a city break. If you want a hotel with a vibrant bar this is not the place for you, if you want a quiet, private “home from home” retreat then you will love this. Room Tip: Ask the concierge, they are incredibly helpful. (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Widecombe said:

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

“Fantastic apartment in perfect location” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 31 July 2011 NEW We stayed here recently in one of their two bedroom apartments for our son’s graduation and hugely enjoyed it. The flat is very well appointed, spacious and light with comfortable furniture and a remarkably well equipped kitchen (including a very good welcome pack of bread, butter, milk and tea etc.) Both comfortable bedrooms had excellent bathrooms and good views across Leeds. Staff were there when required and proved both helpful and friendly – providing extra towels, a newspaper and more milk with a gracious smile. Sadly not that likely to be back as no longer any need to visit Leeds but would certainly book again otherwise. * Stayed July 2011, travelled with family (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Samwoodlands said:

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

“A delight to return!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 25 May 2011 For anyone looking for accommodation and service that always goes the extra mile look no further than Residence 6. Myself and my partner travel alot with business and often stay in beautiful hotels that have no heart. Residence 6 is the exception to this rule as it really does feel like a home from home with staff that really care about their clients experiance and run these beautiful serviced appartments with pride. Thanks Vicky and Tanya – We are already looking forward to our next vist to Leeds! * Stayed May 2011, travelled on business (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Crookycymru said:

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

“Impressive” 4 of 5 stars Reviewed 13 April 2011 Stayed for two nights in early April. Check in was quick and efficient, nice selection of drinks and snacks available for free in the fridge. Stayed in a two tier, two bedroom apartment. It was comfortable with two big bedrooms, with views out on to the main city area of Leeds. Bathrooms were fairly small though in the main bedroom, and water was lukewarm as opposed to hot. We asked if this could be improved, but it remained the same. Nice touch with Molton Brown toiletries complimentary in both bathrooms. Location is ideal situated right in the middle of the city center, small walking distance to the main shopping areas. If you are travelling with a car, there is an inconvenience as car park is about a 5-10min walk away from the apartments, which can prove tricky if you are travelling with a load of baggage as we were. There is also no space to stop outside the main reception area. Additional charge for car parking of around £13 per 24hrs which is obviously extra expense. Front desk was very friendly and helpful.There was a fitness center available which I did not use. Free internet was fast and efficient. Would stay again although there are probably better value options elsewhere in the city. * Stayed April 2011, travelled as a couple (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Elles76 said:

Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

“A home away from home” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 13 March 2011 My friends and I enjoyed another brief but fantastic stay a couple of weeks ago at Residence 6 in our alma mater city of Leeds. It’s in a great location on city square, a second’s walk from the station. The apartments are stylish, immaculately presented and well maintained. While the accommodation is self-catered, the fridges and cupboards are stocked with fresh milk, snacks, tea and coffee, so you can settle in for a cuppa without having to leave the comfort of your own living room. The service from Graham and his team as always was faultless – attentive, efficient and welcoming. We enjoyed a gorgeous dinner in the handily located and highly rated Restaurant Bar & Grill downstairs, before heading out on the town – a mere 10 minute walk from the apartment. This is our third stay and we have yet to be disappointed. Thanks again guys. * Stayed February 2011, travelled with friends.

BirdintheSun said:

Wednesday, 19th January 2011

We stayed at Residence 6 for two nights in early Jan. On arrival we were pleased to find out that we had been upgraded to a larger two bedroom apartment for our two night stay. Our apartment had a great view over the square were you could watch the world go by. Inside, the great decor manages to be both elegant and luxurious but cosy and welcoming at the same time. There was a well equipped open plan kitchen/diner/lounge with everything you need, including a starter pack of essentials e.g. bread, milk, cereals etc. – a nice touch. The bedrooms and bathrooms were lovely. The staff were all very helpful and friendly. The location is wonderful, with pretty much all the shops, sights and eateries within a couple of minutes walk – but we loved our apartment so much that we decided to stay in to eat instead of going out for a meal as originally planned on our final night! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Visitleeds said:

Tuesday, 12th October 2010

Stayed here four times now, visiting once a year to relax and unwind. ! The location is excellent for proximity to train station, accessible to superb shopping, eating and night life in Leeds. Above all, the service is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and the staff are friendly and helpful. Looked at other comparable accomodation in Leeds but Residence 6 will really take some beating. (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

TonyMansfield said:

Tuesday, 12th October 2010

I booked this apartment for a city break following my recent marriage. When I was booking the staff over the phone were really helpful and friendly and I was later able to add an extra day without any difficulty. They chose and left an amazing bouquet of flowers and champagne as requested and paid for. Throughout our stay all staff on reception were lovely, particularly the lady who was there when we arrived. She did not normally work at this branch (usually in London) and despite this was very accommodating, handled all our requests very well to a standard you would not expect of someone who did not know the area. The apartment we booked was a one bedroom and there was more than enough space. The living area was very bright and overlooked the city square which made for interesting viewing both day and night! The sofas were really comfortable and a play station and DVD library was provided for cosy nights in. The apartment was very quiet despite being in such a busy area with double decker buses rolling by, no outside noise could be heard. Noise from other apartments/corridors was minimal. There was a complimentary welcome pack with bread, tea milk and crisps etc.. which was really handy considering we were pretty unprepared. The only downfall of the kitchen facilities was that there were no baking trays and we had to go and buy one as when we requested help from room services they suggested we fry our food instead of oven cook it, which was a little amusing. This is the only reason we didn’t give full marks for service which actually if that there only fault then that’s pretty amazing. I have purposefully left the roasting and baking trays behind so, if they don’t throw them out, and you get apartment 6 you can cook whatever takes your fancy! The location is excellent, under 5 minutes walk to the city centre and corn exchange. Within the apartment building there were two top quality restaurants and there were plenty of other restaurants and bars close by. The train station was opposite meaning we could easily take day trips out to Harrogate and Hebden Bridge. Although we had to pay for parking there were several multi storeys nearby with discounts available from the concierge. After 24hours we were informed that a a space had become available within the apartment block which was even cheaper and obviously closer. The best thing was sitting on the sofa sipping champagne whilst looking out the window at the square! It is difficult to find a worst point and the only improvement I would suggest is a slightly bigger bed. (originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Kathy Douglas-Kellie said:

Wednesday, 8th September 2010

Totally exceeded all my expectations. The staff were the most efficient, friendly, helpful staff I have ever come across. I have never before felt the need to compliment any hotel, service or product, but it was an immense pleasure to stay with you and I felt compelled to compliment you on every level.

Hen said:

Sunday, 31st January 2010

I booked 3 of the 2 bed duplex appartments for my Hen do and was so impressed that on checking out I re-booked for my ‘mini-moon’! The appartments were really warm when we arrived, but at the first mention of this, reception came straight up and cooled us down! We ordered food to be delivered which arrived promptly and was buzzed up to us no problem! One of our party was ill the day we left and the staff were really kind about this, helping us out a lot! Overall, it’s an amazing property (even compared to the fabulous suite in Quebecs that I stayed in on my last visit to Leeds!) in an even more incredible location. Stay here if tiny hotel rooms (Malmaison) annoy you!

LM1978 said:

Thursday, 21st January 2010

I stayed here with my boyfriend on 26 and 27 September 2009 for his 24th birthday. The location is ideal , just a few minutes walk to the shops, bars and restaurants. The our apartment was on the 2nd floor and on the front of the building. We had a nice view of city square and despite this being a busy area you couldn’t hear any noise from outside at all. The apartment was very spacious, immaculate with nice modern decor. It had everything you could need from kitchen utensils to an ipod dock and PS2. The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was great – no bath but a fantastic shower! The staff were friendly and helpful and the reception is staffed 24hrs. I would recommend the apartments to all ages, couples, families and friends and we will definitely be staying again. Great value for money compared to a hotel room! The Restaurant underneath the apartments is also excellent and we would highly recommend this too! (Originally posted on TripAdvisor)

Valiant2 said:

Thursday, 21st January 2010

This place thinks of pretty much everything. Large rooms and living areas, well-equipped kitchenette which you can use to prepare food bought at the nearby Tesco Metro or M&S if you wish. Very comfortable, pleasant reception staff … my only reservation about writing a good review is that I sometimes can’t get a room (on this stay I had to stay ina 2-room appartment on my own) and I don’t want it to become any more popular!

Sue Carney said:

Tuesday, 22nd December 2009

Top notch! Great location, helpful staff, beautiful apartment with some lovely old features. As said previously, better by a country mile than a hotel. Cannot recommend enough!

Vicky Robinson said:

Sunday, 29th November 2009

I have just returned home from my first visit to Residence6 with 3 girlfriends and had to comment on how fantastic our stay has been. Excellent service from the staff, especially the girl on reception who was sooooo helpful and guided me to the car park with ease! Fantastic location, immaculately cleaned rooms, really comfortable beds. We has room 12 on the third floor set over two floors , my friend and i shared the upstairs bedroom with fab bath and en suite and views over the city, cant wait to find a reason to go back!!! Better than many hotels i have stayed in, highly recommended!

LM1978 said:

Tuesday, 3rd November 2009

I stayed here with my boyfriend on 26 and 27 September 2009 for his 24th birthday. The location is ideal , just a few minutes walk to the shops, bars and restaurants. The our apartment was on the 2nd floor and on the front of the building. We had a nice view of city square and despite this being a busy area you couldn’t hear any noise from outside at all. The apartment was very spacious, immaculate with nice modern decor. It had everything you could need from kitchen utensils to an ipod dock and PS2. The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was great – no bath but a fantastic shower! The staff were friendly and helpful and the reception is staffed 24hrs. I would recommend the apartments to all ages, couples, families and friends and we will definitely be staying again. Great value for money compared to a hotel room! The Restaurant underneath the apartments is also excellent and we would highly recommend this too!

EmmaWirral said:

Tuesday, 3rd November 2009

This was our 4th visit to Residence 6, and it was as perfect as ever. The apartments are spotless, beautiful and perfect. We wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Leeds, the location couldnt be better and the staff have always been fantastic. Forgot to write this at time of our return but having stayed in another city in an apartment that falls short of the high standards set by residence 6, I just had to sing it’s praises.

Softail1 said:

Monday, 3rd August 2009

Stayed at Residence 6 for just one night but will definitely be booking to stay there again. From the efficient and polite welcome at the front desk to the leaving next day, everything was a very pleasant experience. Stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment which had 3 lovely double beds, 2 bathrooms and a seperate cloackroom. Fully fitted kitchen with plently of crockery and cutleyr, living area with flat screen TV, DVD and even a playstation (no boys with us so didn’t actually use it!!) We asked about ordering food and they supplied us with plenty options. There was a delay with the delivery of the Pizza but when we rang to chase it, the front of house had already beaten us to it and had chased the order and was able to tell us they were 5 minutes away. The linen in the bedrooms and bathrooms was spotless – I even checked under the sheets after reading the last review – but I couldn’t find fault. Lots of Moulton Brown goodies in the bathroom and a nice touch of white towelling robes – large enough for the more ample of us. It is so central to Leed stations (no noise heard though), the shops and the night life of Leeds. My only complaint was that I didn’t book in for longer!!! I would have no hesitation in recommending Residence 6 to anyone.

LondonDrPepper said:

Monday, 22nd June 2009

I took my boyfriend to Leeds for a bit of a northern experience, as like many other southerners he takes the tone of ” It’s grim up north!”, I was desparate to prove him wrong and show him everything Leeds has to offer. I looked at the reviews on here and thought Residence 6 sounded a bit too good to be true, but thought what the hell I deserve a bit of luxury, and I was not dissapointed! From the moment we arrived through to our departure the staff were smiling, well presented and only to happy to help with our every need, the service was just excellent! The location is as central as you get, directly across from Leeds train station, situated on city square ( you can’t miss it, it has lots of statues and fountains), very short walking distance from all of the trendy bars and eateries and of course the most important thing… the shops! Our apartment over looked city square, very pretty at night. We booked a one bedroom apartment, it had a spacious living/ kitchen area, the kitchen had everything one would need, dishwasher, decent cutlery, lovely glassware and crockery etc, and gorgeous granite surfaces. The living area had a really comfy sofa, coffee table, state of the art TV and a PS2 (Which I struggled to keep my boyfriend off, once he found out he could hire games for free from the guest services!) The bedroom felt very tranquil, lovely white crisp linen, soft carpets, TV, lots of wardrobe and draw space. The bathroom, well I didn’t want to leave the shower, it was like a water fall, and all the lovely Molton Brown bath products. The apartment had everything I needed to have a perfect weekend with my partner. When we did venture out into the cold, we had breakfast at the Restaurant Bar & Grill (Which is at the front of residence 6) which was delicious, and walked the city. I think that serviced apartments are the way forward, much more space and amenities compared to a pokey old hotel room! I just hated that I had to check out, had such a good weekend, made all the more better by impressing my boyfriend in my excellent selection of accommodation!

LisaLush70 said:

Tuesday, 12th May 2009

2nd time staying here and it is just as impressive as the first time. This time we stayed in a 2 bed apartment, number 15 – which despite the previous reviews, wasnt noisy at all – it was brilliant. The location is yards from the shops, and the apartment was luxurious, from the comfy beds, to little extras such as milk and bread. The staff were brilliant, could not do enough. The turndown service was a lovely little touch. Booked through late rooms and it cost £160, which for 4 of us as great – we will come back..

Susie said:

Monday, 27th April 2009

My friends & I stayed for a girls night out, but next time it will be more a girls night in because the apartment was so perfect. Everything was immaculate, comfortable & stylish, & the girls on reception were really welcoming & helpfull. The place to stay in Leeds !!!

Ruth said:

Monday, 16th March 2009

I have just spent a very relaxing weekend in one of Residence 6 beautiful apartments. The apartment it’s self was very clean and very homely, it had everything we needed for a perfect weekend away. But the Staff make the stay that bit more perfect, very down to earth, always smiling, and exceed every expectation. Really did not want to leave, I can not wait to return! The other hotels in Leeds have got nothing on this place, it’s the only place I will be staying in Leeds on my future visits.

Becky2474 said:

Wednesday, 11th March 2009

I stayed at Residence 6 when my boyfriend decided to surprise me for an early Valentines Day. I had no idea what he had planned or should I say what Residence 6 planned. They sorted more or less everything for him, I was really impressed. When we got there the apartment had been decorated with balloons, they had flowers, a lovely bottle Sauvingon Blanc and my favourite chewy sweets too! He said he had called up to book and they had suggested diffrent things he could do to surprise me.The fridge was filled with all the goodies I could possibly want for breakfast, he must have given them a list as long as my arm and they had got everything! Before writing this I had a flick through some of the other reviews, I was quite surprised to be honest, I agree with most of the comments but things such as lumpy uncomfortable beds and clold apartment – did we stay in the same place? The bed was gorgeous, with White Company Linen – the room had been turned down when we returned from dinner and the apartment was snuggly warm. I had a lovely stay and plan on surprising my boyfriend in the same way for his birthday!

Legionontour said:

Wednesday, 11th March 2009

had travelled over to Leeds to visit friends and had previously decided on Residence 6 as from all accounts it was the kind of place i would like. (Don’t like to to slum it !). I was not dissapointed !!!. Finding the place was easy and parking was close by.The building was ever so grand and centrally located, close to the best Leeds shopping and a number of top quality eateries and other night life. On entering I was greeted by a modern, spacious, well lit and beautifully decorated reception area, with a well trained and well presented member of staff, she proved to helpful and polite. Everything about my arrival was just what I needed after a long trip and put me at ease immediately. The room I had was duplex as I would be sharing with a friend. Two floors of grandure was what greeted me on entering. The decor and furnitiure was excellent, the views of Leeds centre were fantastic. The kitchen was modern, spotless and well equipped. The bedrooms with their flat screen TV’s, comfy armchairs and abundant storage space were a joy to sleep in, with a decadent and romantic feel to them, and beds were not only extremely comfortable, but large and felt brand new. The bathrooms were what I would expect from a five star hotel… Excellent, immaculate and with high quality complimentary toiletries. In short, having stayed in serviced apartments and luxury hotels all over the world, including a number of hotels in Leeds. Residence 6 is a must for anyone whith a taste for the grand. Since my stay I have recommended to a number of people who have also stayed and thanked me for the recommendation. This place, is in my opinion the best that Leeds has to offer.

Badgercabs said:

Wednesday, 11th March 2009

Perfectly situated in the centre of Leeds. The rooms are more studio than hotel and are of the very highest standards. My room consisted of a lounge/kitchen area with separate bathroom and bedroom. As a businessman I could not recommend Residence 6 more. The rooms are very comfortable and the staff are very attentive and really make you feel at home. There is also a shopping service which allows you to order some groceries in advance of your arrival. Great if you are arriving late as dinner and breakfast are sorted. All in all I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking to spend time in Leeds for either business or pleasure. 5/5.

SIgoe said:

Monday, 23rd February 2009

Myself, my husband and another couple stayed here in a two bedroom apartment for my friends birthday. I did email the hotel prior to arrival and request a high floor with a city square view which we got. The apartment itself was absolutely stunning and spacious although i do have to state that the downstairs bedroom was cold even when i rang reception and was told that it would be adjusted it was still really cold. Also we didn’t receive the turn down service that i had read about. Although saying this we did enjoy our stay and if in Leeds again probably would stay here.

HK Putney said:

Monday, 9th February 2009

We were 4 friends (2 couples) staying in a 2-bedroom apartment at Residence 6 for a weekend and it was just superb! Because there were 4 of us, it was a great choice as we stayed together but still had each our bedroom and bathroom. They seem to have created a perfect package there – grand old building with immaculate modern interior. Everything from the kitchen to the duvet cover was lovely – the fridge was even stocked with essentials for Sunday morning! Service was very attentive but still discrete. The only downside was that we weren’t staying for a whole week! We all highly recommend Residence 6!

Bigphil14 said:

Monday, 9th February 2009

Being a regular buisiness traveller, I am constantly seeking something more than the bland corporate styling of the bigger chains. Finding Residence 6 is a real bonus and I will certainly not be staying anywhere else in Leeds. The apartments have everything you expect from a top hotel but in effect you are getting a suite for less than the price of a good room elsewhere. Nice touch of the welcome pack in the kitchen, nice little gym and a buisiness suite for free if you need it, however I had a meeting in the lounge of my apartment. Staff very helpful, nothing too much trouble from getting dry cleaning done to parking your car or fetching shopping from M&S. Location good close to rail station and office area plus close to shops for my wife as well, my credit card is still recovering from the Harvey Nichols visit !!

Andy71 said:

Monday, 9th February 2009

Have to say that this place knocks the spots off hotels! I read the other feedback on TripAdvisor and still felt that it was overwhelmingly positive despite sounding like some people being a bit unlucky in their stays. I’ve had a similar experience in hotels – by and large good stays but just once in a while it goes a bit pear-shaped. And I’m glad I came, I took my girlfriend for an early stay for Valentines Day as unfortunately I am travelling next weekend and we really, really enjoyed the stay. Check in was smooth as silk with friendly and smiley staff and the apartments were massive and very well appointed. Nice and warm too and very romantic watching the snow fall on the city square outside. We were given excellent directions to a really good steakhouse (River Plate – also recommended!) by the girl on reception and when Jo realised she had forgotten her straighteners they were straight up with a pair of GHD things. All in all a great weekend and one we can’t wait to repeat. Give it a try! This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC

GoodlifeYorkshire said:

Tuesday, 27th January 2009

I recently had the most luxurious and relaxing stay at Residence 6 with my two daughters. The apartment was every bit a five star superior and spacious accommodation, fully equipped with everything you could possibly need. The hotel staff were friendly, quietly efficient and nothing was too much trouble. Through their very professional and extensive concierge service we arranged for a “pamper day” in our apartment and thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of beauty treatments, accompanied of course by Champagne and handmade chocolates which were waiting for us on our arrival. The room was decorated with exquisite fresh flower arrangements and scented with Joe Malone fragrant candles. The staff arranged a special table for us that evening at Restaurant Bar & Grill next door, where we enjoyed good food and good conversation. Such a treat! The following day we did some shopping in Leeds City centre, leaving our luggage to be collected and loaded into the car for us ready for when we were leaving. Residence 6 is so well located, close to the city station and within a short walking distance from the main shopping areas, restaurants and theatres. A lovely stay and truly a five star experience!

Jane said:

Tuesday, 9th December 2008

Wow is all we can say ! What a fantastic time my boyfriend and I had at Residence 6. The staff are so five star ! But yet so normal and nice. Nothing was too much trouble. My Boyfriend and I had dinner in the apartment, because we just loved watching the Christmas Tree twinkle outside. How romantic is that ! new York no way Leeds ! bring it on ……..

Kirsty said:

Monday, 14th January 2008

We stayed in residence 6 for the new year and absolutley loved it! The apartment was a 2 bed multi storey, double ensuite and a downstairs toilet, so there was no need to drag yourself upstairs to one of the two ensuites. The style was very modern, fresh and clean with everything in there that you could need. The pictures you see are accurate. We ordered an ipod docking station, dvd’s, take-outs, ironing boards etc … all which were delivered to us, within minutes of our request (free of charge – except the take-out of course!), by most possibly the nicest staff I have ever met – even the cleaners were nice to talk to! We were also lucky to grab one of the limted hotel parking spaces. Very cramped – our car was damaged whilst in there, but the hotel offered to pay for the repair. Worth asking about – your car could just as easily be damaged in the multi-storey. There was the occasional glitch, which was mainly due to the reception staff not talking to each other (we ordered some bread and a paper from the night duty officer, but it didnt arrive in the morning as an example), but that happens everywhere on occasion. The most annoying things for me were that when I needed a plaster after I cut myself, they didnt have one – which was a suprise and the lift was out for the duration of our stay meaning we had to navigate the stairs (3 floors). The girl on reception offered to take our cases up for us, but I didnt want to see her end up in hospital – so I took it myself. The central location is excellent and there are all the amenities you need local to the apartment. I have been lucky enough to stay at many a 5* hotel – and this is by far the nicest room and the friendliest staff I have come across. If you are going to stay in leeds and you would appreciate the space and luxuary, then this place is the place for you.

Anonymous said:

Friday, 23rd November 2007

I felt it would be both useful and reassuring for readers to hear there are still impeccable standards at Residence 6. We stayed here last year and returned exactly a year later, this time in a 2 storey, two bedroom apartment that we shared comfortably with two of our friends. We were shown up to our apartment as previously and it was seen to that we were comfortable. A reservation was promptly made after we requested we would like a table at the Restaurant Bar & Grill next door. Living area had all mod cons again, such as Playstation, a list of anything they could get you, cooker and taoster, dishwahser, various food items in the cupboards like a loaf and some milk etc. There was an extra loo in the hallway too. Bedrooms were up a lot of stairs, so not uber practical for those who cant climb too far, but both were of good size, though one was slightly smaller and both had very clean ensuite power-shower rooms and complimetary waffle robe use and toiletries. Its nice to have a tv in your room and downstairs, but we also found a washer/dryer in our bedroom! Handy! There is still the issue that the hotel do not park up your car for you, despite it being stated this service is available and I felt the discount given for using the Qpark was a little minute, but once you are there this doesnt spoil your experience. My only other gripe is the air-con never seems to get too warm, even turned to 28 degrees and it is cold out now..! The beds are not the largest you have ever slept in, but in my opinion they are the comfiest you are ever likely to sink into. The linen is secented with spray and is of the best quality. I can’t bring myself to walk bare-foot anywhere, but I do here. Clean, it most definately is. Our view over the city Square was a great one aswell and we couldn’t hear any goings on from the city. Still worth the expensive pricetag. Recommended oncemore

Lisa said:

Tuesday, 13th November 2007

After reading the reviews of Residence Six, we decided to give it a try – and we were not dissappointed. The place is absolutely gorgeous. We travelled by train, and it is literally minutes away, and a lot less hassle than driving – like we’ve done previously. The accommodation is spotless, modern, and extremely comfortable. The bed was so comfy !! Although not stated anyway when booking, they do give you a small hamper, containing, bread, milk, cereal, crisps etc. which was a nice touch, they even give you a couple of soft drinks. Cereal & toast was enough for us, but if you fancy something a little more, there is a restaurant in the building that looked very nice, and it was busy! We decided to stay in and have a meal, and found everything we needed. The room was nice & quiet – you would never believe you were in the centre of Leeds. We’ll definately be returning. They even provide docking stations and GHD straighners!!!

Ellora said:

Wednesday, 24th October 2007

With the need to be away from home frequently in Leeds I decided to try Residence 6 based on the reviews of those on trip advisor and could not be in more agreement f it’s place at the top of the list. Real attention to detail done in a way that make you feel nothing is too much trouble. The apartments are really well sound proofed but most overlook the square. Room 21 is two floors for the same price as the 2nd floor apartments on one floor and well worth requesting.

Lee Charnley said:

Thursday, 18th October 2007

Our stay in general/overall was excellent. The apartment (number 20) was very spacious, well decorated and furnished and far superior to most hotel rooms that I have stayed in previously – even in 5* hotels.From the time of booking to the moment we left the level of service was exceptional. All emails were responded to quickly and all items requested were in the room ready for our arrival. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble.

Joanna Simpson said:

Thursday, 18th October 2007

The apartment was spotless & airy with lots of space, plenty of home comforts and a real feeling of attention to detail. I was most pleasantly surprised to find a well stocked fridge (even a bar of chocolate!) to complement my own groceries. The staff were lovely – friendly & responsive – nothing was too much trouble and I would not hesitate to stay here again or to recommend it to anyone looking for accommodation in Leeds. A perfect haven which I didn’t want to leave! Thank you

Laura Kirkup said:

Thursday, 18th October 2007

excellent-loved it! and staff were so friendly and helpful- i couldnt have asked for more ! my mother said it was gorgeous and she was right- it is by far the best place to stay in leeds

Esther said:

Saturday, 8th September 2007

I was a long stay guest at Residence 6 this year-I simply do not know where to start! From the moment you enter this fabulous building you feel pampered, special and truly relaxed. An exquisitely comfortable place, Residence 6 provided a service that combined a rare mixture of 5 star services, with copious amounts of personal space. Nothing is too much trouble for the magnificent members of staff, many thanks to Ruth and Katherine at Guest services for making my stay so memorable. My only gripe is that it was far too difficult to leave!! I would recommend these brilliant apartments to anyone and everyone-thank you Residence 6!

Cathie Ruben said:

Thursday, 9th August 2007

My husband and I stayed for a weekend in Leeds, we wanted to some quality time together rather than the busy night life in Leeds and staying in a serviced apartment like Resdience 6 gave us everything. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff. the rooms were clean and bright the bed was the most comfortable bed I have stayed. The apartment was very well stocked and equiped with everything you could possible need in fact it was very much like home from home, in fact all you need to bring was yourself and your change of clothes. We had a late check out on the sunday which again made for a very relaxing sunday having breakfast in our apartment and reading the papers perfect!!. I would recommed Residence 6 whether its for a weekend away an overnight or even a long tem stay everyone should try Resdience 6 at least once and you will go back.

Sam Harvey said:

Monday, 6th August 2007

This was our second stay at the Residence 6. All staff were very friendly and full of knowledge of the City, nothing was too much trouble. The service was truly impeccable. The staff could not seem to do enough for us, from the manager, who helped us set up our new computer, to housekeeping who turned our beds down in the evening and spritzed the room with Jo Malone living cologne – gorgeous! And of course, the location cannot be beaten!! However it is the apartments that truly steal the show. The space in comparison to a hotel is phenomenal and the little added extras truly make the stay exceptional. The beds are probably the most comfortable I have ever slept in, with super luxurious linen and the biggest bath towels I have ever seen!! There is only one place to stay in Leeds, Residence 6 will not disappoint.

TCSR_dunnie said:

Tuesday, 12th June 2007

What a place! Fantastic decor, very contemporary. Massive comfy beds with immaculately clean, quality linen. Great kitchen and living area. Staff all extremely polite and helpful – nothing too much trouble. Standards of cleanliness very high – apartment was spotless. Cannot wait to go back!!!

Chib73 said:

Tuesday, 12th June 2007

My friend & I have just returned from a weekend in Leeds. I booked Residence 6 after reading the reviews on We were not disappointed – it was just gorgeous. The front of house staff were friendly & incredibly helpful. The apartment was spotless and huge – we booked a two bedroom apartment which had two bathrooms plus an extra toilet downstairs. We were just disappointed that we were only there for one night. Loved Leeds as well – shopping great, lovely people, plenty of decent bars. Also worth a mention is the Wine Bar/ Restaurant in the same building as the hotel (can’t remember its name).

Andrew Kinvig said:

Tuesday, 12th June 2007

Stayed in Leeds for the first time when visiting relatives and could not believe how good Residence 6 was! So much space and a great kitchen, my wife and I actually stayed in to cook rather than go out for a meal. Everyone was so helpful and recommended several great places to go out to. Highly recommended, we will be back!

Linda Farrell said:

Tuesday, 12th June 2007

Residence six is a wonderfully hidden gem in Leeds. The service is nothing short of wonderful and everything has been thought of to the last detail. From the welcome pack of food and drinks to the molton brown treats in the bathroom. One little word of advice though, it’s probably best not to make too many plans in Leeds as you’ll want to cut your evening short anyway and go back to the apartment. You actually will not need to leave with the playstation, music system and the comfy sofas. Residence six made our weekend away and it tops all the hotels i’ve ever stayed in in the U.K. Many thanks to Wayne, the previous Stephanie Kirk and also the receptionists who made our stay exceptional. They should be given a pay rise!!

Roy Kilmartin said:

Tuesday, 12th June 2007

The other reviews have already said it – but this is the best place I have ever stayed. The facilities are excellent, but the long weekend my wife and I enjoyed was made so much more special by the staff: nothing was too much bother. We were made to feel like a million dollars!!!

Andre52 said:

Tuesday, 12th June 2007

From the moment we entered this oasis of calm we felt special and pampered. The staff were, without exception, very friendly and helpful. As a fairly seasoned traveller, having stayed at other so-called ‘five star’ hotels, Residence 6 was a breath of fresh air! The photos looked lovely, the reviews were great, so I took a chance and booked the apartment — and I am so glad I did. This is a little known gem in the heart of Leeds. Small enough to offer individual and personalized service, Wayne and his team will take care of the smallest details to ensure that you have a pleasant and memorable stay, even going so far as to send me a shopping list at reservations stage (which included some outstanding welcome Hampers especially prepared by the Harvey Nichols personal Shopping team!!) to ensure that when we arrived the apartment was exactly how we had wished. The price, compared to supposed any ‘hotel suite’ in Leeds is extremely good value, and its location is absolutely perfect for getting around Leeds without needing a car (which was valet parked for me on arrival) and having to deal with Leeds’ dreaded ‘Loop System’. We will be back !!!

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