Terms and Conditions

  1. Guest agrees that he/she (and any occupant or invitee) will abide by these Terms and Conditions and all rules and regulations of the Property. Quebecs Luxury Apartments* and/or the building management reserve the right to remove any guest due to misconduct or violation of these Terms and Conditions or such rules and regulations.
  2. Any terms in an agreement between the Client (if any) and Quebecs Luxury Apartments* shall supersede any conflicting term in these Terms and Conditions. All payments under these terms will be paid by the Guest unless the Client agreement specifically states that the Client will pay.  The person or company responsible for payment will be called the “Responsible Party”.  If the Client signs below, the Client agrees to these Terms and Conditions as applies to Guest.
  3. Quebecs Luxury Apartments* will charge a preauthorization to your credit card of £250.00 in respect of your security deposit. Or a cash (*If paying by cash a credit card shall still be required, alternatively a £250.00 deposit can be left to secure dilapidation)
  4. Quebecs Luxury Apartments* reserves the right to enter the apartment to inspect, repair, remodel and maintain the apartment units with advance notice given whenever possible.
  5. All of our apartments are non smoking. We ask you respect this policy. Failure to adhere to this will incur a £300.00 plus vat refresh charge.
  6. No pets allowed.
  7. Guest agrees to take good care of the apartment and not to perform any hazardous, offensive or unlawful activity in the apartment or the common areas. The Guest agrees to obtain and/or maintain their own insurance and/or be responsible for personal property of Guest and any occupant or invitees. Guest agrees and acknowledges that Quebecs Luxury Apartments*  will not be responsible for the safe keeping of equipment, supplies, written material or other valuable items left in the apartments or common areas of the property. Guest may not rely on any contrary verbal or written assurances by Quebecs Luxury Apartments* staff in this respect. State/Provincial innkeeper laws will govern Quebecs Luxury Apartments* liability for items stolen from apartments.  The Responsible Party will be charged for any lost property or damages or expenses it causes (or caused by any invitee or other occupant) including apartment keys, passes, VOIP boxes or Air cards or similar equipment issued by Quebecs Luxury Apartments* to Guest.
  8. The Guest will defend, indemnify and hold Quebecs Luxury Apartments* harmless for any claims, losses or expenses arising from Guest’s, any occupant’s or invitees’ use of the apartment or common areas of the property.
  9. Apartments may be used for entertaining friends to a maximum of 4 persons at any one time. House parties are not permitted in the apartments under any circumstances. Invitees are not allowed to stay overnight in apartments unless the registered guest has notified Quebecs Luxury Apartments* in advance. Consideration should be shown for neighbours, and music and TV’s should only be played at a reasonable volume. Musical Instruments are not permitted to be played in the apartments.
  10. Change in Responsibility:  If responsibility for payment of any charges changes from Client to Guest, Client or Guest shall notify Quebecs Luxury Apartments* in advance and Guest must comply with Quebecs Luxury Apartments* standard credit check and payment policies.  Quebecs Luxury Apartments* may remove any Guest who fails to provide notice of a change in responsibility and/or comply with Quebecs Luxury Apartments* payment policies.
  11. Cancellations
    1- 6 night stays. 72 hours written notice to be received prior to arrival date.
    7 – 27 nights stays. 7 days written notice to be received prior to arrival date.
    28 nights + stays. 28 days written notice to be received prior to arrival date.

    Any extension of the departure date is subject to availability and Quebecs Luxury Apartments* approval.

    Extension of stay cannot be guaranteed.

    Please note that all extensions are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Any UNAUTHORISED occupancy beyond dates approved by Quebecs Luxury Apartments* will be liable for a charge of twice (2x) the daily, weekly or monthly rates then in effect for such holdover period.

  12. Neither Quebecs Luxury Apartments* nor its management assumes any responsibility for any damages to your computer, the data contained in it, or the security of the data transmitted over the internet. It is the sole responsibility of guests to protect their computers from viruses, loss of data and/or unauthorised access.
  13. All rates quoted are based on the rates prevailing at the time that your booking is confirmed. Once a booking has been confirmed we will not change the rate quoted unless the booking is changed. VAT is charged at the rate in force at the time of invoicing. VAT is charged at the prevailing rate for the first 28 nights, reducing from the 29th night for the remainder of the stay. Rates are subject to change without notice and may vary for currency exchange movements where applicable between UK and overseas locations.
  14. Rate charges and taxes are due in advance. Quebecs Luxury Apartments* may charge a late fee of 2% on invoices overdue by 30 days or more and on all outstanding balances. Guest agrees to pay Quebecs Luxury Apartments* all fees and costs, including reasonable collection and attorney fees incurred in Quebecs Luxury Apartments’s efforts to collect all amounts due.
  15. Quebecs Luxury Apartments* may change the payment terms (including requiring up front payment) if payments are not made in a timely manner and/or Quebecs Luxury Apartments* has good reason to believe that the credit of the Responsible Party has adversely changed. If Guest is a Responsible Party for any charges, Guest authorises Quebecs Luxury Apartments* to obtain a credit report from one or more consumer credit reporting agencies. Quebecs Luxury Apartments* may request this report at any time during Guest’s stay with Quebecs Luxury Apartments*  and Guest’s reservation may be subject to minimum credit scores.
  16. Guest may not assign, sublease, transfer these terms, the Reservation Confirmation, the apartment or any part thereof or permit the use of the apartment by anyone other than Guest and permitted occupants.
  17. Guest represents, warrants and covenants to Quebecs Luxury Apartments* that Guest’s use and occupancy of the apartment is of a transient nature and the apartment is not intended to be a permanent residence of Guest.  In no event shall Guest’s occupancy and use of the apartment be construed to create any landlord/tenant relationship between Quebecs Luxury Apartments* and Guest.  This Agreement is not a lease and is not intended to convey to Guest any real property interest or estate in or to the apartment or any other portion of the Property.
Date of Arrival
Departing: Thursday, 25 Jul 2024
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